Our firm specializes in the field of Immigration Law, we provide advice and counsel for foreign nationals who seek to:

  • Engage in temporary employment in the United States;
  • Acquire US permanent residence through employment or investment;
  • Obtain US permanent residence through a qualifying family relationship
  • Attain US citizenship
  • Obtain Religious Visas
  • Need Specialized legal research;
  • Relative Petitions filed by United States citizens or lawful permanent residents
  • Applications for permanent residence through immigration offices in the United States or Consular offices overseas;
  • International Adoptions through U.S. Consular offices overseas;
  • Fiancé(e) Petition and application for Fiancé(e) visas at United States Consulates;
  • Joint Petition to remove conditional basis of lawful permanent resident status;
  • Waiver of Joint Petition and of grounds of ineligibility;
  • Following to join application for permanent residence for derivative family members;
  • Visa processing;
  • Reentry Permits
  • J-1 WAIVER: Waiver of the two years foreign residency requirement
  • Asylum and Miscellaneous Immigration Services
  • Asylum and Withholding of Removal
  • Temporary Protected Status (TPS)
  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
  • Visa Lottery

We provide advice and counsel for foreign enterprises who seek to:
Send their employees to the U.S. to train, study, or as Intracompany transferees to work in their U.S. subsidiary or parent company.